Free Shipping On All Orders - Continental U.S.


Where do the cartridges ship from?

All products ship from Canton, MI


How long will my order take to arrive?

4-5 business days, depending on the time of day we receive your order and your location.


How can I get next day air express shipping?

For expedited shipping please call your order in by telephone at 512-992-0125.


Are these cartridges leak proof?

We have worked for hundreds of hours to be able to offer our no leak cartridges. When we first started we unsuccessfully tried many suppliers only to find that we needed to work with just one supplier that we could dictate our design and materials. Perhaps the single largest difference that sets us apart is that we have an exclusive production agreement with a single factory. The cartridge market is flooded with carts that leak and or have draw issues. Some carts can easily use up your fluid too quickly while other carts barely draw at all, it's a huge issue in the cart market today.


Can I return any carts anytime?

Absolutely,  you can return anything you buy from us within 30 days - we even pay the return shipping no matter the reason. 

If you ordered too many or if you just don't like something, we will always accept a return. If you tried a few from a box that's fine and we will still credit you the whole box price back. 


Where are the carts designed and manufactured?

All carts are engineered in Switzerland and produced in our factory in Yangtze China.  


How will my cartridges come packaged?

Carts are boxed and packed in 100 unit form. The carts come unattached to the tips, saving you hours of time in the filling stage. Sample carts come in rows of ten and are cut out of a 100 pack box.


Why is Empty510Cartridges different?

Empty510Cartridges is a company committed to selling no leak carts with all the desired features. Almost every cart retailer in america buys their carts from whomever is selling them the cheapest on that day. Often times they are unknowingly buying carts that have defective issues that have been returned back to their factory or made incorrectly from the factory.  At Empty510Cartridgess we have only one factory that produces all of our cartridges to our design specs and production protocols. There is no guessing if the carts will work right, because we have sold hundreds of thousands of units with a defect rate of 1 in 1,400. No other retailer can boast such impressive numbers, however it took us almost 6 months and over a dozen factories to finally develop a strong manufacturing relationship that equates to the best product on the market today.


Does Empty510Cartridges have quality control systems?

Each time a shipment arrives we randomly test several cartridges. Our test includes:

  • Draw experience - thin and thick material

  • Upper and lower seals inspected

  • Ohm Check between 1.2 and 1.4

  • Debris containment check

  • Battery check at 3.4v, 3.7v, 4.0v

  • Product burn rate for thin material

  • Product burn rate for thick material

  • Heavy metals test using MCT Oil

  • Weighed and measured for compliance